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What to expect from Radical Reports: Morning Briefing provides a daily round-up of reporting and analysis on the Radical Right; Extremist Links offers a weekly round-up of reporting far right extremists activities including the white supremacist and militia movements; Narratives of the Right delivers weekly analysis of the current narratives in far right online spaces and promoted by right-wing media; Field Notes focuses on a single organization, group, or network within the Radical Right, and provides and background research and reports on the current activities; Research Desk provides monthly digest of highlights research and analysis from organizations and academia on the Radical Right.

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About the Author

Teddy Wilson is a journalist with a decade of experience covering the U.S. Christian Right and the conservative movement. Previously he was the U.S. Investigations Editor at openDemocracy, Research Analyst at Political Research Associates, and Staff Reporter at Rewire News Group.

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Research, Analysis, and Intelligence on the Radical Right.


Journalist. Researcher. Consultant. | Reporting on the U.S. Radical Right | Email: reportbywilson@outlook.com