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Democracy is supposed to "replace" violence as a means of social change ("ballots instead of bullets") but in a nation armed to the teeth and seething with anger, resentment, and hatred of opponents; with demagogic leaders stirring that anger to a boiling point (in their own lust for power); with people swimming in a sea of lies and misinformation so foul it's hard to know what's factual reality (or even believe there is a factual reality); and with the power of social media to amplify lies and fears into a cyclone of confusion and raw emotion - well, it's not surprising to see armed pseudo-citizen militias out in the streets.

And then immediately the "stop the steal" will return as every Republican claims victory Tuesday night even while half the votes (early votes, mail-ins, etc) are yet to be counted. And if a Republican loses, then it was "rigged" and we'll see little Jan.6s all over the place.

W.B.Yeats's poem "The Second Coming" has never been more timely:

"Things fall apart / the centre cannot hold / the best lack all conviction while / the worst are full of passionate intensity."

These are bad days for democracy, and good days for the rise of neo-fascism. That dark history of lies and hatred and violence is surely coming around again, right out in the open, with flags flying and guns at the ready.

I don't think this is what the Founding Fathers intended.

We're living in an Age of Delusion, an Age of Rage. This will not end well.

I think substack sites like your Radical Reports (and my Neo-Fascism: A Warning) will be very busy (and much needed) for the next two years. We'll find out if the pen (keyboard) is mightier than the sword.

Sorry for the long rant; but the stakes are so high.

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