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The OSINTion: Conversation on Investigative Research Tools and Techniques

My conversation with Joe Gray, founder and principal Instructor at The OSINTion, about open-source intelligence investigative research tools and techniques.

This week, I had a conversation on Twitch with Joe Gray, founder and principal Instructor at The OSINTion, about open-source intelligence investigative research tools and techniques. During the stream, I talked about how skills acquired during my time in military intelligence as signals analyst have been useful during my career as an investigative reporter and researcher. Also, I talked extensively about what kinds of public records I’ve found valuable during investigations, and how to navigate some of the challenges of requesting public records from various state agencies.

“Anybody that works in the research space understands that you’re never going to be able to get everything you need in one place, you’re going to have to look in many difference places. Often times when you uncover research and information, it’s going to led you to someplace maybe you haven’t been before to gain access to information. Over the years of doing investigative reporting and research… I’ve learned so much about where to get information and strategies and techniques to get information, and I’m still learning. You’re never going to know everything about where to get all the information.”

-Teddy Wilson on The OSINTion


Upcoming Webinar Trainings

This month, I will be hosting a pair of webinar trainings and workshops for journalists, researchers, and academics (and anyone else interested in participating), during which I will share techniques and strategies on two topics: Researching and tracking bills in state legislatures, and researching and analyzing data from IRS 990s.

During these webinars, I will take you behind the scenes and explain the techniques and strategies that were used in collaboration with my colleagues to identify and monitor legislation and create the Rewire News Group Legislative Tracker, and uncover the $280 million in overseas spending by groups associated with the U.S. Christian Right revealed during an investigation at openDemocracy.

Both of these webinars will include real-world examples of these investigative research techniques and strategies, and participants will have an opportunity to apply during practical exercises.

Next week, I will be announcing the dates and times for each of these webinars, which will last for approximately 3 to 4 hours and will be hosted on Zoom. The cost of attending each webinar will be $100 per person, however, paid subscribers to Radical Reports will qualify for a 50% discount. Also, there will be a 25% discount for those who register for both webinars.

If you have any questions or would like to offer any suggestions (e.g. how to ensure these webinars are accessible for people with disabilities and make these webinars are as inclusive as possible), please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments (or email questions or suggestions:

College Discount: Students, faculty, and staff at any college or university qualify for a 20% discount ($4 per month or $40 per year) on paid subscriptions to Radical Reports. Anyone with an email address from an educational institution can redeem this discount.

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